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Adventures of a teapot

20:47 03/04/2012
   A new Satoshi Kitamura book will be released tomorrow! Published by Andersen Press, Pot-san's Tabletop Tales follows the adventures of the teapot-like character (complete with human limbs) who has a teapot as a head. It seems to be the first time that Satoshi Kitamura has infused a stronger Japanese vibe by naming a character Pot-San. Order your copy now online or from your friendly bookseller so you can meet Pot-san and his friends.

Kate Greenaway Medal 2010 and more...

18:56 01/05/2010
   Millie's Marvellous Hat has been shortlisted for the 2010 Kate Greenaway Medal which is awarded for distinguished illustration in a book for children. John Agard's The Young Inferno which Satoshi illustrated was also nominated this year but didn't make the shortlist. It's not the first time Satoshi's work has been noticed, with Once Upon an Ordinary School Day nominated in 2004.

   Satoshi Kitamura will be appearing at the Seoul International Writers Festival in May. In its 3rd year, the South Korean festival aims to create new visions and voices in literature and promote friendships among authors globally. The theme of the latest biannual event is of Fantasy + Empathy. Satoshi is due to give a talk on 11th May with a translator so if you're in Seoul area, don't miss out! There's also a book signing at the Seoul International Book Fair on 14th May from 14:00-15:00 so you could get your very own signed dedication in a Satoshi Kitamura book.

Eye of the Paper Tigers

22:40 12/08/2009
    Satoshi Kitamura is featured in a gallery at Paper Tigers, a website devoted to multicultural books from around the world for children and young adults, with a particular focus on the Pacific Rim and South Asia. Read about Satoshi's love of music and how it inspires him. This is a great website and many reviews of Satoshi Kitamura's books can be found here.

   Return back soon as we'll be posting lots of reviews and content at satoshiland!

Millie on the Mind

23:49 01/04/2009
   Just when you've pre-ordered your copy of Millie's Marvellous Hat (due for release on 4th May 2009), comes the news that Satoshi is already working on the next book, tentatively titled Millie on the Wing.

   Congratulations to Robin (and Trish and Lottie) who won the Satoshi Kitamura calendar in January. Thanks again to Satoshi for donating the calendar to us.

Rare Satoshi Kitamura 2009 calendar!

08:40 08/12/2008
    satoshiland have our greedy hands on a Satoshi Kitamura designed wall calendar for 2009. Now every month is about Satoshi! Printed by the Japanese based Frontia, this cannot be purchased online! For the chance to win one, just email us with your name and address details. The winner will be picked in early January 2009.

Interview with a Master

22:38 17/11/2008
    Read the Satoshi Kitamura Guardian interview published on 8th November 2008 and find out more about how he started in the business and his early inspirations. We highly recommend checking out Angry Arthur, Satoshi's very first children book that he illustrated. He was subsequently awarded the Mother Goose Award for the Most Exciting Newcomer to British Illustration for his work. Not an easy feat for anyone, let alone for a first (albeit stunning) effort!

Circles of Fire

21:34 27/10/2008
    The Young Inferno was released on 4th September 2008 - written by John Agard and illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura. Published by Frances Lincoln Children's Books, this is a modern take on Dante's classic. The hardcover edition is already garnering rave reviews!
Publishing News has described it as an "irresistible package, with a poetic feast of finery, and artwork from one of our finest picture book artists, which will amuse intrigue and inspire...a must for children of all ages.".

    Due for release on 4th May 2009 is another original Satoshi Kitamura picture book titled Millie's Marvellous Hat. Here's a quick synopsis:
"Milly loves hats, but she has no money and she can't afford to buy any of the lovely hats in town. But the man in the hat shop has an idea. He produces a box containing a hat too fine and beautiful to behold, but with the most perfect shape and colour imaginable, if Milly dares to imagine. Milly does dare, and soon she can not only see her own beautiful hat, but everyone else's hats as well".

    This bodes to be an inspiring book to encourage a child (or the child within us all!) to make our dreams come true through our imagination, if only we could believe in ourselves.

Journey of an Efuto

20:22 07/12/2007
    satoshiland is lucky enough to have viewed a copy of Let's Send an Efuto by Satoshi Kitamura and Motoko Matsuda, published by Bunka. satoshiland's review of this freshly released book is coming soon!

    In other news, which Satoshi book was on The Times Christmas choice for children ages 2-10? What's Wrong with My Hair? of course! Amanda Craig describes it as "a hilariously off-beat picture book, whose ingenious use of a hole shows a disgruntled lion having a beast of a bad hair day." satoshiland agrees - this is one of Satoshi's best board books as yet, full of fun in its charming simplicity. Booklist & reviews has also been updated with a critic's review of Satoshi's latest board book.

Illustrators unite!

18:55 16/11/2007
    Satoshi will be at the Looking at Children's Books seminar on Saturday, 17th November, 2007. It's run by the Association of Illustrators - a non profit organisation established in 1973 to protect illustrators and promote professional standards. Author/illustrators Satoshi Kitamura and Emily Gravett will be sharing their experiences. Quickly book if you're keen! It's open to working illustrators and illustration students.

    satoshiland has updated the booklist with reviews for Stone Age Boy and Jackdaw Jinx. More reviews will be added soon! Enjoy.

The return of Woolly and more...

18:02 08/11/2007
   So you thought the Efuto book released earlier this year was fascinating?! Get ready for more! Plans for a second Efuto book are under way as we speak and will be published by Bunka in Japan. More details will be posted as they are released!

    Colours: Band 04/Blue is a non fiction paperback book illustrated by Satoshi released in September 2007 by Collins Educational. Edited by Cliff Moon, the book focuses on the colour blue, as the title suggests.

    For those hungering for more fiction from Satoshi Kitamura, Woolly in the Boat is slated for a March, 2008 release by Andersen Press. We last encountered the adorable sheep Woolly in the charming book, When Sheep Cannot Sleep. It's been a long time between stories but we're sure it'll be worth the wait!

Efuto = picture envelope

17:12 15/06/2007
   A personal letter is almost quaint these days but it still brings much anticipation. Receiving an envelope imaginatively decorated and embellished by hand increases this excitement by ten-fold! Efuto (picture envelopes), are the subject of a book published in May and available from Amazon Japan.

Klauss Flugge, publisher at Andersen Press has over the years amassed an incredible collection of envelopes received from artists associated with the publishing house. The book includes many of these artists - with a large section is devoted to Satoshi Kitamura and David McKee's whimsical and wonderfully inventive work.

Based in Japan? An exhibition of a collection of over 1000 envelopes is now showing until 8th July, 2007 at the Communications Museum in the Ginza, Shimbashi area. These include envelopes submitted by the general public.

Even lions get bad hair days

22:24 22/04/2007
   Satoshi fans are in for a treat this year! 2007 brings more Satoshi Kitamura releases. This includes the previously mentioned Stone Age Boy released in November 2007 by Candlewick Press.

Get your greedy hands on the book releases from Andersen Press with Play with Me! another board book in June and in October, What's Wrong with My Hair? featuring a lion who seems to be suffering from a bad hair day. The striking cover artwork can be seen at left and bodes lot of fun and humour for children and adults alike!

On the booklist page we've added in reviews for The Carnival of the Animals illustrated by Satoshi Kitamura.

Once Upon a Time in Mexico

09:45 13/01/2007
   Satoshi was invited by publishers to visit Mexico and Columbia in November, 2006 to attend some workshops for children and art students. Here's a link to an article detailing his Mexican and Columbian trips. They're both in Spanish. Satoshi Kitamura is popular and very well known author/illustrator in South America and this visit would further consolidate this!

   The Nirei Art Gallery in Yokohama, Japan held its annual exhibition from 16th December - 26th December 2006 and included Satoshi Kitamura paintings. The gallery is located very close to the Chinatown area.

   In more recent news, Satoshi did a workshop in Tokyo, Japan on Friday, 12th January 2007. This included a Kamishibai performance, an old Japanese storytelling technique using storytelling cards. It's a very interesting method and one that Satoshi is particularly fond of utilising for his workshops.

More Satoshi goodness!

10:00 PM 05/12/2006
   Satoshi has been busy with more new books are lined up to come out in 2007 and 2008. These include Play with Me to be published 7 June, 2007 and the 16 page book titled Woolly in the Boat released on 6 March, 2008. Play with Me is another board book in a similar vein to Hello, Who's There?. We're especially excited about the Woolly book, assuming it's the same lovable sheep from When Sheep Cannot Sleep.

The endangered Paper Jungle

1:25 AM 23/09/2006
   Possibly the rarest Satoshi Kitamura book of all is Paper Jungle, published in 1986. A cut-out book similar to Paper Dinosaurs (often found at book resellers), we've managed to snaffle a couple of scans from an old eBay auction earlier in 2006. Here is the cover, a double page spread and back cover of one of Satoshi's earliest books.

A Stone Age story

1:44 AM 28/08/2006
   satoshiland was given a sneak peek of an upcoming Satoshi Kitamura book. Set in modern day France, it follows a boy's encounter with a Stone Age community. It's a great story, full of quirky humour and we predict it to be a highlight of his recent work! Satoshi undertook considerable research for this project, travelling to France to see Stone age paintings of the kind only found in South-East France and Northern Spain. Tentatively titled A Stone Age Boy, this intriguing adventure will be published by Walker Books.

Other forthcoming board books

20:22 26/06/2006
   Hello! Who's There? is another board book from Satoshi Kitamura, scheduled for release on 28 November, 2006. Featuring a duck searching for its mother, Satoshi has created a novelty book where you can pull on tabs and look behind trees to add to the adventure. Another board book in a similar vein, Tom Squirrel will be published in February, 2007.

Jackdaw Jinx

2:12 PM 15/05/2006
   A new book illustrated by Satoshi will be released in August, 2006! Written by Kate Ashford, Jackdaw Jinx Is the story of a boy who adopts a baby bird and the adventures that follow on from that. Published by Andersen Press, the book is released on 3 August, 2006.

Satoshi stamps all over the world!

10:14 AM 10/01/2006
   Well not quite! Royal Mail & the United States Postal Service are celebrating Favourite Children's Book Animals with a joint stamp issue. In the UK, there are eight stamps in the Animal Tales series and yes, Satoshi Kitamura is included!

The stamp in question has Boots from The Comic Adventures of Boots. Other stamps include Alice in Wonderland, Paddington Bear and The Very Hungry Caterpillar - all very famous books so it's very prestigious (and exciting!) for Satoshi to have been chosen.

Seven Stories

3:24 PM 18/09/2005
   Live in the UK? If you're ever in the Newcastle upon Tyne area, visit Seven Stories, the newly opened Centre for Children's Books. As part of the Big Draw, Satoshi will there on 15/16 October, 2005.
30 Lime Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 2PQ

I'm an artist, call me Pablo...

14:33 10/08/2005
   Satoshi's latest book, Pablo the Artist will be released 1 September, 2005. Order your copy now!

Pablo the Artist echoes that of an old Satoshi story published in a Japanese children's magazine many years ago. Now expanded out and the characters have changed a bit of course.

Good stories are just that and obviously Satoshi has taken one that's been lurking around for a few years to create Pablo's journey.

Waiting for the Carnival

18:54 15/02/2005
   Published by Walker Books, The Carnival of the Animals is inspired by Saint Saene's famous 'zoological fantasy'. This book has commissioned work by 11 modern poets with 'riotous' illustrations by Satoshi Kitamura. Released on 5 December 2005, this also has an accompanying CD.

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